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What is Influencer Marketing?

Things to Know About Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing or influencer marketing is the promotion and advertising work done through influencers. With the development of the Internet and especially social networks, the number of available ways to promote brands, products or services has increased significantly. Everyone can choose an option depending on the goals, strategy and budget and easily promote their brand. Some of these methods are more popular while others are less in demand.

In this article, we want to talk about a rather new direction for promotion and advertising – influencer marketing or influence marketing. Influencer marketing, which shows a very high efficiency, can be used for any business area. Now let’s discuss the features of influencer marketing in more detail.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a modern tool where a well-known person, trusted by consumers, addresses a brand’s target audience. Social networks are used for this (YouTube videos, Instagram posts, various contests, reviews, etc.). Such people are also called opinion leaders or opinion leaders. Influencers are traditionally divided into 2 categories. The first involves a popular and well-known personality. For example a singer or an actor. The second group includes experts in a specific field, such as Dr. Oz, who have sufficient influence in a particular field.

When we talk about influencer marketing, we usually mean promotion through bloggers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube video platforms and social networks. Influencers are not just bloggers or people who post videos on social media. For example, according to one study, influencers are listed in 6 categories. These include celebrities, journalists, industry experts, elite personal brands, analysts, social media celebrities.

In addition, influencers are also categorized according to the number of subscribers. These are as follows.

  • Micro Influencers: 5 to 100K Subscribers;
  • Medium nfluencers: 100K to One Million Subscribers
  • Macro nfluencers: Over One Million Subscribers.

How to Do Influencer Marketing?

There are several ways to use influencer marketing:

Sending a gift: A certain celebrity is presented with a gift, which he or she can tell about on a social network if he or she wishes. This method allows you to draw attention to the product, especially if it is new.

Self-service content creation: For this, the opinion leader is given examples of products or services. After that, it independently chooses the form and direction of the content (there may be negative evaluations).

Events Whenever an event is organized, bloggers are invited to cover the event and write about it on their blog. For example: opening a restaurant, introducing a new car, etc.

Sponsorship: As an advertisement, the blogger posts specific information created or agreed upon with the sponsor. It is better to use this method to present a new collection, product, service, so that it has a less intrusive character or sincere praise.

Brand ambassador: In this case, the company collaborates with an influencer who is the face of the brand. With the participation of this celebrity, content is posted on the brand profile, they can broadcast live, talk about goods and services, answer questions. Also this kind of collaboration is used to give, announce promotions.

The high point of this type of marketing is makeup Youtubers who use certain cosmetics when creating an image, or travelers who say it is better to book accommodation through a website. In this way, it is ensured that the target audience is affected in a much better way. Because the product or service being promoted is directly related to the area in which the influencer operates. This increases credibility.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has various benefits for brands. It is possible to detail these benefits as follows.

Usability: Previously, only large companies with significant budgets could influence the target audience. An example of this is Clint Eastwood’s long-term advertisement, which shaped the image of a real man smoking a cigarette. Now, even a small regional company can collaborate with bloggers with more than 10,000 subscribers.

Higher efficiency: When analyzing the use of this tool, it was found that almost 40% more customers decide to buy a product or service based on the recommendations of bloggers.

The ever-increasing influence of the Internet and the ever-increasing number of bloggers and influencers have led brands to focus on this area. The number of people watching television decreases by 9.5% every year, and this audience switches to social networks where they learn even the news. At this point, in order to adapt to the environment and the age, brands need to move away from traditional methods and switch to digital media.


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